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Thinking of a new bathroom? If you think you can do it yourself, you may want to reconsider.

You may feel yourself up to the task, but unless you have tried to fit a bathroom yourself, you really can't fully appreciate what you need to go through. If you have fitted a bathroom yourself before, do you really want to go through that again? Or would you rather leave it to the experts? For a start, no matter how big you think the job is going to be, it is bigger.

Obviously, if all you are doing it adding a fresh coat of paint around the tiles then go for it, but if your plan includes anything else, then think hard. Retiling even a small area of the bathroom may be enough to drive you round the bend. But a typical bathroom redesign will also involve removing all of the old fixtures and fittings and replacing them with shiney new fixtures and fittings.

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You may also be thinking of changing the arrangement of bathroom furniture, either because the existing layout is a problem, or to give yourself more space, or to make room for a new item. Or even something drastic such as resizing the whole room, either to make more room in the bathroom or to expand an adjoining bedroom.

Whatever you want to do with your bathroom, get in touch. Of course, you may even be thinking of a wetroom, which is becoming more and more popular, especially as it allows a fair amount of freedom in design. In which case most professionals, and some very sad DIYers who have attempted the same thing would warn you about overestimating your abilities.

If you are planning to DIY your bathroom redesign, then you should be aware that it will involve most, if not all of the following:

Torbay Heating Engineer Designing the finished bathroom (you'll have to do this even if you get in an expert, but if you call us we can help you with this stage).
Torbay Heating Engineer Ensuring that your work complies with all legal requirements, such as building regulations and planning restrictions.
Torbay Heating Engineer Remove the old bathroom fixtures, preferably without flooding the house. Oh, and then disposing of them.
Torbay Heating Engineer Building work to the physical structure of the room, such as walls, floors, windows, etc.
Refinish the interior walls. And give sufficient time to dry.
Torbay Heating Engineer Source and install all of the new bathroom fixtures.
Torbay Heating Engineer Connect the plumbing to your new bathroom furniture. This means hot and cold feed pipes, AND the waste pipes.
Torbay Heating Engineer Connect electrical cabling to lights, showers, etc.
Torbay Heating Engineer Tile walls (and floor) not forgetting to seal all round.
Torbay Heating Engineer If you aren't having a tiled floor, then fitting whatever flooring you are having.

Oh, and you may not know if anything is all working properly until two weeks down the line when you suddenly can't turn off the taps when you try to run a bath. Of course, you may not have this problem at all, you may be a DIY guru and this may be a walk in the park.

But if you are in anyway unsure, then please call a professional from the off. We are experts at fitting and remodelling bathrooms. It really does save you money to not have to avoid going through the rigmarole yourself.

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